The Vienna Art Society Meetings And Exhibitions

Art Society Meetings

Of all the art institutions that are to be found in Vienna, Vienna Art Society holds a special place. It was founded in 1969 by nine female painters and incorporated the same year. The first president of the society was Valerie Elmore.

The society quickly grew into an important art society and starting holding exhibitions and art shows. Today, it is known for fostering co-operation between artists of different streams who share their experiences and views in the meetings of the group.

The society has had many prominent artists from Austria and around the world as its members and artists of similar repute have also taught at this society. The names include Skip Lawrence, Mel Stabin, Eric Weingardt, Judy Betts, etc.

vienna arts society
Vienna Arts Society is known for fostering co-operation between artists of different streams

Events Of Vienna Art Society In 2018

In 2018, the society is in its 49th year and this one was as exciting as any other. It’s important to remember that this society doesn’t just host exhibitions but also organises events like wine tasting, workshops, classes, etc. 

As regards the exhibitions and meetings held this year, the calendar has been pretty full. An exhibition of fine art photography by Julie Cochran was organised in late September. This was just the beginning.

In October, the General Membership Meeting took place which had Deborah Kennedy as the guest speaker. A multi-talented artist working in the field of poetry, VAS art and photography, Kennedy spoke about holding the viewers attention longer through your art. 

In another important development, the new leadership of the society was elected with Hayden Luczka as president, Jodi Condes as vice-president and Susan Tilton as secretary. 

The other prominent exhibitions in 2018 included those of Libby Eckert’s paintings, art works by Richard Neff and Anna Watson, a collection of works by Ginger Sanaie called ‘Treetops’ and paintings by Deborah Schneider also. More such events are planned for the coming days.