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About Us.

We are a group of art enthusiasts based in Vienna who want to inform readers around the world about the great artistic treasures that this city holds. It’s not that Vienna’s artistic endowments have been hidden from the world so far. Quite to the contrary, it has been recognised as one of the greatest hubs of creative art in the world. The administration has also put in a lot of efforts to make sure that the artistic flavor of the city remains intact.

So, the reason we have this website is because we want to take the knowledge of these qualities of Vienna to every part of the world where internet exists. It doesn’t mean that ours is the only website disseminating information in this way. 

Indeed, there are websites of each art gallery, museum, institution in the city and the official portals of the government also give out a great deal of information. What we are doing is collating all that information and presenting it in a cogent and easy-to-grasp manner. So, you don’t have to trawl through dozens of websites in order to prepare for the trip to Vienna, but just come to our site and you will find out all there is to know about the art scene in the city.

Our Efforts

We would not only give out information about all the permanent fixtures in the art scene of Vienna like the museums and galleries but also the latest news about what to expect in the future. You will get to know about the institutions that exist in the city and what they are organizing in the coming days.

Again, we would be using our knowledge and research to keep you updated so that, if you are planning to visit Vienna, you are aware of the best time to do so. Plus, we would also bring to you all the information about the developments in the world of art, the arrival of new people on the scene or the changes in the officialdom of the major institutions, everything.

Our efforts would also be directed towards explaining the nuances of Viennese art and what makes it different from other varieties around the world. While art in this city, or even the whole Austria, is not insulated from the movements that have went on all over Europe, there has been a uniqueness and individuality in the art and artists of Vienna.

It is important for us to explain to our readers which movements of art have served Vienna and what has distinguished them. It’s only then that you will be able to fully appreciate the greatness of this city. On top of that, by realizing the trends of arts in Austria, you will also enhance your knowledge of the overall art scene in Europe and its development from the medieval renaissance style to the modernist movement prevalent now.

So, do visit our site regularly and enjoy exploring the world of Viennese art and culture. Even if you don’t plan to visit Vienna, you will find plenty of material that will enhance your knowledge of art in this city and help you remain abreast of major artistic developments in the larger global scene.