Vienna which has been the center of great political and social activity over the last centuries has also developed a great heritage of arts and culture. 


Vienna has produced and drawn towards itself great artists who have been stimulated by the atmosphere of the city – liberal and creative.



Vienna has a rich heritage of artistic exploration as well as movements which changed the landscape of creative work in various fields.

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We are a group of art enthusiasts based in Vienna who want to inform readers around the world about the great artistic treasures that this city holds. It’s not that Vienna’s artistic endowments have been hidden from the world so far. Quite to the contrary, it has been recognised as one of the greatest hubs of creative art in the world. The administration has also put in a lot of efforts to make sure that the artistic flavor of the city remains intact.



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The 2018 Art Exhibition In Vienna

Explore The Contemporary Art Of Dorotheum

Dorotheum is an auction house that holds many distinctions. It is one of the oldest auction houses in the world while certainly being the largest auction house in the entire continental Europe as well as the German-speaking world. 



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Slim, Thick and Fit Girls @ Thickumz
Slim, Thick and Fit Girls @ Thickumz

Thickumz – featured online digital project of 2019. It’s been recently published and is already becoming one of the most popular channels in the world’s biggest video tubes. What makes it so special? Probably the approach to environment the videos are recorded in. You are about to witness very fit girls, with very curvy bodies in their daily routine in public places. But that’s not all – they are also keen on showing you their very intimate moments.