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An art lover could spend days in Vienna going to the different museums and art galleries without visiting the same place twice. This city is dotted with the most magnificent buildings displaying architecture of the finest and most creative quality. Many of these buildings also house collections of items which range from specimens of high art to exotic remnants of ancient history.

However, such is the artistic fervor of Vienna that even if you ignore the major art institutions of the city, there are plenty of art galleries that would make a connoisseur of art go tipsy. Many of these art galleries are small, even tiny compared to the grand museums which are aplenty in Vienna. But their value is far more than their physical size. Let’s look at some of the best lesser known and less celebrated art galleries in Vienna.

Urban Space Gallery

The idea behind this gallery was to bridge the gap that existed between the artistic establishment of Vienna and the vibrant under culture of art in the city. This place is a dedicated platform for young artists who are exploring new themes of not just contemporary art but also urban art.

urban space gallery


This is another great place for young artists to showcase their talents and their innovative works. This place holds four exhibitions every year showcasing works of upcoming Austrian artists along with those from students of arts institutions in other parts of the world.

The decision as to whose work would be displayed is taken by a jury. The exhibits are not limited to just paintings but also includes installation art, sculpture and even video art. 

Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts Gallery

At this contemporary art gallery in the First District of Vienna, the American pop art movement is given a platform. You’ll see works from legendary artists like Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. 

Gerald Hartinger Fine Arts Gallery

Rabbit Eye Movement

Lovers of urban art shouldn’t miss out on an opportunity to visit Rabbit Eye Movement gallery. They will find all types of urban are here – street art, pop art, urban illustration, etc. This gallery contains works by artists of Austria as well as around the world. 

Nychos, the most famous street artist of Vienna, displays his work here. This gallery has become the meeting point for the most active artists practicing urban art in the city. It is fast becoming an important institution in itself.

Rabbit Eye Movement

Improper Walls

This is the hub for indie art in Vienna. This is where the leading exponents of urban art from Austria and other parts of the world have their works shown to a diverse crowd consisting of both art lovers and newbies. 

improper walls Open Space

This place is exploring the boundaries of art experience by acting as both an art gallery and an online art platform. They have kept things simple in this place but have joined forces with Artivive, an app providing augmented reality experience for art lovers. Through this app, people can take a tour of the place in virtual reality. This promotes the work of those young artists who display their works here. Open Space

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