Week 26

27/06/2016 - 03/07/2016 (KW 26)


Tue 28 Jun

ArtistinResidence Isil Egrikavuk: Choreography of a Court Case

Performance, 20h

Choreography of a Court Case
Plaintiff: Landlord company
Defendant: An independent art space
Case: Unjust evacuation
A performance in several acts
By Isil Egrikavuk

With: Enrico Tomassini, Veronika Zott, Mimie Maggale, Robert Jolly, Matteo Patti, Hande YusumuT, Ahmed Shqaqi, Phillip Gunter Rainer

We are happy to annouce that Istanbul based artist Isil Egrikavuk will be working at mo.ë between 18.06- 29.06 2016.

During her stay Isil will be working on the performance "Choreography of A Court Case" which conceptualises the whole evacuation process of mo.ë by fictionalizing it with stories, some movements and text. The piece is a collaboration with other performers based in Vienna.

Isil says: "As an artist, I work with words more than images. This may sometimes result in a script for a video or sometimes choreography for a performance. I am also interested in human stories, especially stories of people I meet, of people who commonly inhibit a space or a memory. I try to work with the conditions of the space, city, situation I work with."

Have a look at her work here: http://isilegrikavuk.net/works/


Fri 01 Jul

Sommerkonzert ELAK Wien

Live, 19h

Studierende des Lehrgangs für Computermusik und elektronische Medien, Universität für Musik und darstellende Musik und Gästen präsentieren ihre neuesten Arbeiten

mit Shayan Assadi, Christian Ausserer, Eduardo Arreaza Bauer, Martina Claussen, Patricia Enigl, Sam Erpelding, Martin Gasser, Bendek Gaspar, Robert Gruber, Xaver Holder, Evgeny Ignashev, Hala Jafar, Réka Kutas, Marcin Morga, Annabell Oppelt, Paule Perrier, Peter Plos, Doris Pollhammer, Philip Schleinzer, Luiza Schulz Vazquez, Sebastian Spielvogel, Harald Stojan, Frederic Stritter, Laurenz Szaal


Sat 02 Jul

A Berry Feast Vol. 5

Workshop, Lesungen, Konzerte, ab 12h, danach AU, Brunnengasse 76

Fifth edition of A Berry Feast

noon - 21:45 - mo.e (Thelemanngasse 4, 1170 Wien)
22:00 - closing time - AU (Brunnengasse 76, 1170 Wien

tentative schedule:
12:00 Workshop with Fede Fossati from Pandelindio: Build your own didgeridoo or bansuri, registration: featheredcoyoterecords@gmail.com
16:00 Bird People
17:00 Missing Organs (acoustic piano set)
18:00 Dinner + Talk
19:00 Pandelindio
20:00 Louise Landes Levi

Exhibition: Alosi Plattner
22:00 Missing Organs (electric set)
23:00 Robotra
24:00 Raju Arara
--> DJ-Line: Hasselblad, Inou Ki Endo

Artist Information:

Louise Landes Levi (Reading & Concert)
(Poet, publisher, musician and translator who was part of the “Flying Lotus Magical Opera Company” and has studied North Indian Classical music and sarangi with Annapurna Devi. Recent releases include “From the Ming Oracle” and “The Book of L”)
Bart DePaepe
(Musician, poet and publisher, founder of Sloow Tapes and member of cult psych bands Sylvester Anfang and Sylvester Anfang 2. Solo Lp out on Vohu Manah Records)
(Acoustic drone collective around Fede Fossati, based in Buenos Aires. Releases on Feathered Coyote Records and Frente Al Fuego Ediciones.)
Bird People
(Acoustic drone collective around Uli Rois, based in Vienna. Releases on Was Ist Das?, Dead Vox, etc.)
Missing Organs (acoustic set)
(project by musician, journalist and founder of the tape label Bezirk Tristan Bath, this time treating us to an acoustic piano improvisation.)
(highly energetic indie noise rock/pop, releases on Numavi and WSMTML)
Missing Organs (electronic set)
(experimental improv solo project by Tristan Bath, releases on Sacred Tapes and Power Moves Label) Raju Arara
(modular synth magic, releases on Hare Akodod and forthcoming on Ultra Eczema)

DIY Instrument Workshop with Fede Fossati - Build your own didgeridoo or bansuri!

Tape Label / Zine / Self-publishing Fair - Releases by Sloow Tapes, Bezirk, Feathered Coyote Records and many others

Alosi Plattner - “Die Peripherie”


Sun 03 Jul


Kinderprogramm, Runder Tisch, Ausstellung, Performance, Musik, ab 12h

Am 03.07.2016 veranstalten wir, der interkulturelle Verein LINE IN und der offene & experimentelle Raum AU, einen Soli-Tag für unsere Nachbarn. Das Kulturzentrum mo.ë in der Thelemangasse 4, 1170 Wien öffnet um 12h seine Tore. Es erwartet euch ein interessantes Programm samt leckerem Buffet. Mit tanzenden Sohlen beenden wir den Tag bei der Soli-Party im AU, Brunnengasse 76.

Seit einigen Monaten ist das mo.ë von der Schließung bedroht. Wie können wir als NachbarInnen, GestalterInnen, Vereine, Institutionen und UnternehmerInnen darauf konstruktiv reagieren?

Wir befassen uns mit von BürgerInnen selbst organisierten Modellen auf lokaler Ebene, die den Kampf für eine soziale Kontrolle über öffentliche Räume und für soziale Ressourcen im allgemeinen Interesse als Ziel haben. Dazu haben wir ExpertInnen aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen eingeladen. Wir werden weiters alternative politische, wirtschaftliche und soziale Konzepte, die der Vorherrschaft des Staates und des privaten Kapitals trotzen, diskutieren.

Programm folgt!!


    Week 27

04/07/2016 - 10/07/2016 (KW 27)


Tue 05 Jul

velak export #15

Live, 20h (SHARP)

'Stream of Illusion'
XY Records European Tour 2016
/ live sets of 3 artists from the electronic music label XY Records from China

electronic musician, sound/visual artist, based in Beijing, China. mulian has creative in electronic music, sound art, video, concert pieces, and live performances.
his music joins electronica, ambient, experimental, and soundscape, patching together various elements such as electronic music, strings music, natural sounds, noises and human voice samples, and many other elements were mixed with special narratives of psychological monologue, creating a unique style of post-rock and quality and undemonstrative eastern spirit.

Zen Lu
Zen Lu, experimental/electronic musician, sound artist, founder of We Play! Records and Neo Sound new art group and events curator. He’s one of the founders of ChoP, a musical project between China and Poland. Zen Lu is also a member of N2 New Media Art Lab, working and residing in Shenzhen, PRC.
Early 2007, Zen Lu founded Shenzhen independent label ‘We Play! Records’ and organizing events with artists from all over the world as well as. Apart from these, he composing music for dramas and movies. Zen Lu’s minute, meticulous and minimalist digital music style as well as events organized by him and his label has played a major role in bringing a new wave of art activities to Shenzhen, for which the latter has been long considered a cultural desert.

zo-on slows
Echo Ho is a Beijing-born and Cologne based artist, her work covers a broad medial spectrum of installations, objects, live performances and audiovisual compositions. As a composer she works with field recordings, experimental electroacoustic composition. Since 2015 a solo band project "zo-on slows" has been brought into live by the artist. By merging voice, electronics and noises, fusing experimental beats and pop tunes, Echo Ho bringing audience unfolded stories through an unexpected sonic journey. echoho.net

lets get lost tonight, you could be my black Kate moss tonight

three old slayer groupies english german one man band together make Norwegian monk pop with you (girls just wanna be fun)
dreaming out loud, great on dark surfaces, brain, partly involved but not necessarily
Fountain of You are invited. You would be the audience and we would show you what the internet sounds like backwards
Relaxing in out of face furnishing
Why not? is there a thin line between ''experimental music'', why not
i to i, like deamons in the sky

Margaret Unknown; Guitar, Voice Silvan Peter, Drums, Electronics Adam Goodwin, Double Bass