Dorotheum is an auction house that holds many distinctions. It is one of the oldest auction houses in the world while certainly being the largest auction house in the entire continental Europe as well as the German-speaking world. 

It was founded by Emperor Joseph I in 1707 and therefore, has been in existence for more than three hundred years in the city of Vienna. It has a record of having around 600 auctions every year and they are spread over 40 categories. They possess a team of 100 experts to judge the value of their art collection. 

Having become one of the most famous and renowned auction houses in the world, their presence has gone beyond just Vienna and they now have their offices in places across Europe such as Munich, London, Rome, Milan, Dusseldorf, Brussels and Prague. Here people can get a preview of the auctions set to take place in future. 

Today, the headquarter of Dorotheum stands in the Palais Dorotheum which came into existence in 1901. This building is built in the style of neo-baroque thanks to the work of the eminent Ringstrasse architect, Emil Ritter von Förster. The Kaiser Franz Joseph was present at the opening of this place.

Dorotheum has been privately owned since 2001. It has now become an institution that serves as a meeting point for connoisseurs of art and collectors. 

Dorotheum has now become an institution that serves as a meeting point for connoisseurs of art and collectors.

Contemporary Art In Dorotheum

The various departments in Dorotheum deal with different types of art and organize auctions for artworks belonging to those categories. The biggest events in the calendar of Dorotheum are the major auctions held by these different departments.

The department dealing with contemporary art also organises auctions and present works from the leading exponents of this type of paintings for the avid art collectors. The term ‘Contemporary Art’ is an umbrella term that contains genres like Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual Art, Minimalism, Kinetic Art, Op, Pop and Graffiti. The items available from this category include not just paintings but also drawings along with works on paper, installations and sculptures.

The specialists of Contemporary Art in Dorotheum include Elke Königseder, Patricia Pálffy, Dr. Petra Maria Schäpers, Martina Batovic, Maria Cristina Corsini, and Alessandro Rizzi.

Some of the most successful auctions in recent past of contemporary art includes Piero Manzoni’s Achrome, 1958/59 which sold for 1,112,000 Euros, Lucio Fontana’s Concetto Spaziale which fetched 1,079,300 Euros, the same artists’ “Concetto Spaziale” Attesa whose price was a little lower at 1,071,390 Euros, Yayoi Kusama’s “No White O.X.” at 996,000 Euros and Robert Clark Indiana’s NUMBERS ONE through ZERO at 969,420 Euros. 

Upcoming Contemporary Art Auctions In Dorotheum

In November, Dorotheum would be hosting its auction week beginning from 25th of the month. The contemporary art auction would take place on the first day itself. The works up for auction would include not just some famous names from the field of this particular art but also some famous paintings that art collectors would love to come in possession of.

One of the famous art pieces up for auction would be renowned artist Hermann Nitsch’s work called ‘Rosenbild’ which he made specially for Peter Kubelka, someone he describes as “dear friend and best of teachers” for himself.

Another really valuable piece of art that would be available for the person who can outbid others is Günther Uecker’s work “Reihung” which was made by the artist as far back as 1970. Reihung was made for the Venice Biennial and now will become the proud property of an art connoisseur.

Andy Warhol’s work, a portrait of Giuliana Benetton, would also be seen in the November auctions. Along with it, there is the exquisite result of the influence of Francis Bacon on the style of Graham Sutherland in the form of his art work.

A photo collage “die Ungeborenen” of Anselm Kiefer would be present as well while a three-dimensional and big art piece called “Arancione” made by Agostino Bonalumi (member of ZERO and co-founder of “Nouvelle École Européenne”) will be drawing the attention as well.

Apart from these, other prominent artists that will have their works displayed would include Arnulf Rainer, Georges Mathieu, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Franz West, Otto Piene, Valerio Adami, Christo, Victor Vasarely, Mel Ramos, etc. The largest art piece in the auction would be a sculpture measuring more than 6 meters in height by Fausto Melotti.